Client's Testimonials


I was facing a difficult choice in my personal life. It occurred to me that I needed to talk to a coach, so that I would be enabled to reflect well on my own behaviour, thoughts and feelings at that time. I had been introduced to coaching during my education and I like the methodology. During the intake meeting I noticed that there was a lot on my mind and it felt like my words just poured out of my mouth. Even though I felt it was highly unstructured, Kuswadi was able to make a good summary that helped me reflect and formulate a coaching question and I decided to continue the coaching with him.

Kuswadi was able to pick up on certain patterns in my thinking that I have developed over the years and that are limiting my actionability. He challenged me to investigate my train of thoughts and pointed out the words I used that were holding me back. With enjoyable exercises, I listed priorities and formulated clear steps as to how to achieve my goals. I benefitted a lot from the coaching sessions, especially where it came to structuring my thoughts and formulating action plans. I would certainly recommend coaching to anyone who is interested in answering some of life’s difficult questions and finding practical solutions

I had been reflecting on what I wanted to still achieve in my career and balancing that with my personal life goals. At the same time, I had just moved into an expanded global role and I was adjusting to the new leadership challenges that the job entails. I needed a coach to help me work out what I need to develop to quickly adapt to my new role in the short term, and chart the path towards my long term goals.

The coaching program was very focused. Each session we get to the root of an issue I am struggling with and end with the insights I have gained and the development actions I can do until the next session. I really value the insights I get out of every session. I get a better understanding about myself. I also like a trusted partner always pushing me to challenge my limiting views.

As a result of the coaching, I have better self mastery – I understand how I can play to my strengths and keep myself ‘in the zone’ to better perform

I had recently been promoted to a leadership role and whilst thrilled and excited about the promotion I was slightly anxious about how I could meet the expectations of combining being a strategic but caring leader.

Kuswadi has experience and knowledge in leadership in the corporate environment. I knew he would understand my challenges and anxieties.

Kuswadi didn’t judge me nor did he tell me what to do (of course part me was hoping he would because of his own experience). What he did do via a series of questions and reflections was hold a mirror up to me to show me who I was, what was important to me and how I wanted to show up as a leader. It was all about me and what I could bring to the role, rather than trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

The best thing about the coaching session was the trust between us that allowed for genuine exploration and discovery to take place. Kuswadi is a great listener. He is genuinely interested in people, very caring as a coach but still gives lots of space.

As a result of the coaching sessions I had with him, my confidence grew and I have a stronger belief in myself that evolved from within.

Following simultaneous changes in my personal and professional life, I reached out to Kuswadi as a trusted thought partner to help me navigate through the events. I have since extended our coaching program as I have not only experienced progress in dealing with the issues which brought me to Kuswadi in the first place but a genuine calmness in how I approach issues which can only emerge from unearthing behavioral patterns.

The best thing about our collaboration is that I am able to leave our conversations with clarity on something which earlier would have seem muddled. I have worked with other coaches in the past but what sets Kuswadi apart is the fact that he is able to immerse himself in the issue at stake but flex his response/coaching using different techniques at his disposal. This approach differs from many coaches who have a methodology or a set of principles from which their practice begins. This can sometimes be limiting depending on the situation at hand.

I’d recommend Kuswadi to anyone who is seeking a thought partner to help them navigate any life transition they are undergoing.

Kuswadi was one of the first coaches who I worked with. It was in this coaching relationship that I learned how to become comfortable in my own skin as a coach and progress as a client. The encouraging and trusting environment he provided as a coach made it all happen. His professionalism, genuineness, and friendliness were invaluable. Moreover, the delicate and thoughtful style of approaching matters distinguishes him as a coach. I definitely recommend his services to anyone who’s determined to succeed, flourish and progress.