I work with mid-career professionals and executives who desire significant change and making meaningful contributions in their personal and professional lives. They are feeling motivated and ready to turn those desires and intent into reality. They view investing in and working with a personal coach as an integral part of their transformation journey. Through working with me they are in a company of a trustworthy and reliable thought partner who;

  • they can brainstorm and explore creative ideas with. Someone who they can trust to challenge their conventional thought process and approach in order to make the most of available opportunities and thoughtfully manage possible risks;
  • has the right tools, skills and experiences that will match and fulfil their needs for a successful and meaningful collaboration;
  • can motivate and keep the focus on their goals and commitments.

People came to me for coaching on a wide range of life goals, challenges and circumstances; from a corporate leader who wanted to build a meaningful leadership legacy but unsure as to where to start, a newly appointed General Manager for an international company who was tasked to set up operation in a new country from scratch, a seasoned manager who was faced with a career-defining event but struggled to find her strengths and confidence to live up to the management's (and her own) expectations, an ambitious housewife who was considering her options to go back to a corporate world for a fulfilling career but feeling conflicted and weighed down by her identity and responsibility as a mother and a wife. Some even approached me precisely because they were unsure of what needed change but they knew enough that they wanted and were ready to move on from the current path that they were on.   

Regardless of the nature of your goals for coaching, my approach, tools and processes are geared towards helping you as my clients achieving a renewed sense of self-empowerment, confidence and determination. You can read what some of the inspiring individuals, whom I was lucky enough to have worked with, said about their experience working with me on the testimonial page.


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I believe that true freedom of the mind is the key to a successful and joyful life. It begins with a great sense of awareness of your own thought patterns, and how they influence your experience of the people and the world around you. You will gain insights that will help you investigate and uncover unhelpful thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.



You will be able to make a clear and conscious choice to create and adopt a new set of powerful beliefs - those that are compatible with your core values and goals. You will learn and embrace your unique strengths that will allow for authentic self and purpose to emerge. 



Together with the newly strengthened self-belief and confidence, you will gain greater clarity of the future that you want to create. You will find yourself well equipped and ready to take the necessary next steps towards your goals. You will also start building and making the most out of the relationships you have with the important people around you.



We will work collaboratively to create a meaningful, personalised action plan that will move you forward at the pace that is right for you. It will be a fun and rewarding transformation process.


If you come here on behalf of a team or an organisation, I am keen to hear from you on how we can collaborate and bring my coaching approach to help you and your cooperation. I am experienced in running a team building workshop specifically designed to strengthen team cooperation and performance. The content can be tailored to suit your organisation's specific needs.


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Kuswadi was able to pick up on certain patterns in my thinking that I have developed over the years and that are limiting my actionability. He challenged me to investigate my train of thoughts and pointed out the words I used that were holding me back.
— Client's testimonial