I am also a certified consultant to conduct one of the well-known organisational effectiveness tools called I OPT®. It is an assessment that measures information processing preferences both at an individual's and team's level. "I Opt" can be used to accurately predict the behavior of groups as groups (not just an assembly of individuals). In other words, "I Opt" measures can be used to accurately gauge the inherent capabilities and probable direction of groups without the need for any interviews or direct communication with the group participants. This makes "I Opt" an invaluable tool for building and maintaining an effective team. I have conducted "I Opt" session for a newly formed team where it was used as a tool to help the new team members to get to know one another and I have also facilitated "I Opt" assessment for an existing team where it's leaders and members are keen to elevate their working relationship to the next level.  You can find our more about "I Opt" assessment on its official page here.