A one-on-one Personal Leadership coaching program

This is a powerful personal coaching program where we will be working on one-on-one basis through your coaching goal(s) at a regular pace. In each session, we will begin with you deciding on a topic or question that you wish to explore. I will help you arriving to the clarity and answers that you need using appropriate coaching tools and techniques... more


Coach-Me-First Coaching Program

Through my own experiences and of others’, I have seen how transformative and effective the experience working with a coach can be (both for the coach and the person being coached). I have always encouraged others to give coaching a serious consideration whenever the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, not everyone may have available resources at the time when the coaching is really needed... more


Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) Assessment

I am a certified E.L.I. Master Practitioner, which means I am fully trained to facilitate the E.L.I. assessment and conduct a briefing session. The E.L.I. is a unique attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model ... more


CV review and job interview preparation and feedback

With my extensive experience as an interviewer in a multinational organisation and insights gained from working in a large Human Resources organisation I can help you reviewing your CV and application letter for your next dream job... more


Team building facilitation

I am also a certified consultant to conduct one of the well-known organisational effectiveness tools called I OPT®. It is an assessment that measures information processing preferences both at an individual's and team's level. "I Opt" can be used to accurately predict the behavior of groups as groups (not just an assembly of individuals)... more



engagement to speak on Personal Leadership topiCS

If you are a leader of a team in a corporate organisation or of a project, a manager who is looking for an external speaker for your leadership team's away day, a university program manager organising a talk for your students or you are looking for a guest speaker for your next network mentoring circle meeting, I may be able to offer you and your audience some useful insights, experiences and tips... more



I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients to build content and programs that work for them. Drop me a message and I would love to hear from you for ideas and ways we can work together.